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What is Sitz Bath?

A Sitz Bath (also called hip bath) is a type of bath in which only hips and buttocks are soaked in wateror saline water.

name comes from the German verb Sit Zen meaning to sit. This kind of sitz bath use dates back from the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilization with “Hippocrates” prescribing bathing in spring water as treatment for illness.

The sitz bath increases blood flow to the pelvic area and thus can help to reduce inflammation and otherwise alleviate a variety of problems.

logic behind its ability to relieve pain and swelling is that heat promotes blood circulation. Blood circulation promotes oxygenation of tissues, therby relievng pain; swelling is redused when the trapped blood is mobilized by heat, therefore promoting blood circulation.

Why Procto Tub Sitz Bath?

Our / Doctors usual and casual way of asking the patient to sit in a sitz bath tub did not satisfy the desire purpose. There is soiling of clothes, spillage of water outside the tub, more over patient has to sit in a squatting position which is very uncomfortable.

So, we designed and developed Bhawana's Procto Tub where all the drawbacks of existing method were removed. At Soham Research Center, team of Surgeon, engineering consultant, ergonomist and industrial persons unit worked dedicatedly for Procto Tub.

Soham Research Center innovated Procto Tub successfully and it was tested for more than 1000 needy patients to standerdize the design of Procto Tub and using parameters.

Patients showing great satisfaction and appreciation for Procto Tub.


  • > Strong & Safe

  • > Light-weight

  • > User Friendly

  • > No Spilage of Water

  • > No Soiling of Clothes

  • > Adequate Cleaning

  • > Comfortable Sitting

  • > For men & women of all ages

  • > Soothes Rectal & Genital Irritation


Dr.Vaidya's Soham Research and Marketing Pvt Ltd has been engaged in the business of manufacturing and marketing research based, clinically evaluated breakthrough formulations based on the Indian systems of medicine for the treatment of several disorders.

The company was promoted by Dr. Prasad Vaidya, a Aurangabad , India based Consultant and Coloroctal Surgeon. Besides his practice Dr. Vaidya been a member of several committees, forums and institutions established by the Government of India in the field of Surgery.